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Season 2 - The off by one error

Episode 12 is about how to maintain motivation when learning tech

How to be a motivation maniac

How to be motivated on AND off the dance floor

Episode 2 is about how to make into the software industry

Trailblazing, how'd you make it into Software? (feat. Jay Miller)

Iffff I can make it thereeee I can. Make softwareeee buh duh buh duh duh!

Episode 3 is about what they did and didn't teach you in your software engineering university degree

What they didn't teach you in uni... (feat. Jim Humelsine)

Hint: Apparently a fair bit!

Episode 4 is about Cloud technologies and what they can and can't do for you

Head in the (feat. Phil Broderick)

Head in the clouds? What's new for the TnS crew?

Brownfields can be beautiful too you know?!

How to make your Brownfield, Bestfield (feat. Harry Bellamy)

Brownfields can be beautiful too you know?!

We see you chose the red pill...noice!

Learning in the deep (feat. Teddy Necsoiu)

We see you chose the red pill...noice!

How you supposed to pwn if you're breaking in as n00b?

360 no-scope first tech jobs (feat. Henrijs Puspurs)

How you supposed to pwn if you're breaking in as n00b?

We're your DOGE father's now!

Crypt-OMG (feat. Leisha Hussien)

We're your DOGE father's now!

No seriously, we can do ALL the tech!

Full of crap stack (feat. Joe Zack)

No seriously, we can do ALL the tech!

Find out what it means to me?!

We. Are. Com-mun-ity.

Find out what it means to me?!

Season 1 - The Idea

In our very first episode we talk about how much tech there is out there these days and whether you should learn all of it.

Should I learn ALL the latest tech?

Because for real....there's so much of it.

In episode 2 we talk about Toxic Workplaces, grab the tea!

Toxic Workplaces

Should I stay or should I go?

Episode 3 covers the topic of burnout

Dealing with Burnout

Gotta go fast! But gotta stay alive too!

Episode 4 introduces the idea of Imposter Syndrome

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

A topic we're barely qualified to cover

Episode 5 is related to whether you should buy or build you tools

To buy or to build

A quote by Bill Shakespeare

Episode 6 is all about learning and how we go about it do?

Sometimes it feels like barely at all

Episode 7 is about out to do your best in job interviews

Bringing your best interview game

First impressions us

Episode 8 is about lies that every developer tells and it was recorded live!

Live! Lies every developer tells

Except to you, we wouldn't lie to you

Episode 9 is about how to feel alright about see bad code in your codebase

How to stop reinventing the world

There's nothing new under the sun so stop trying to make new things!

Episode 10 is about programming paradigms and our limited experience with them

OMG OOP! - Talking about programming paradigms

Acting like we know deep technical topics like this, for your entertainment!

Episode 11 is about creating content and how we decide what to make and for whom

Creating Content about creating content

Yo dawg, we heard you liked content, so we created some content about creating content

Episode 12 is about what we think success is and whether any of us have seen it!

What even is success anyway?!

Hard to say without having seen it!